Chapter 33: Algol is Falling. Perseus has Come. Cetus will Die.

BEN The siren filled the factory, shrill, and wailing. Then the siren stopped, leaving an echo in the sudden silence. “Shift change,” Peter said. “We got to go. Now.” But Ben’s heart still thundered. Peter helped Ben climb into the crate and closed the lid. In the darkness, his heart pounded, and his palms grew […]

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Chapter 31: The One in which Ben Becomes a Secret

BEN Ben eased the hatch shut. Above them was a factory filled with Novan soldiers, Burned workers, and who knew what else. If the tunnel hadn’t caved in behind them, then they could have gone back and around the entire city. It would have taken them longer, days longer, but they wouldn’t have to sneak […]

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Chapter 29: The Burning Fields

BEN Ben and Peter resumed their journey to West Nine and eventually, the Unseen City. They slipped through the forest, unseen and unheard. Peter was intent on getting as much distance between them and the mobile Watcher unit as possible, so they darted quickly through the shadows. They walked through the forest until the sky […]

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Chapter 28: How to Kill a Watcher

BEN Ben had wandered these woods his entire life. As a child, he had limped through the trees in games of hide-and-seek. As a young man, he had forged for blueberries and blackberries hidden just out of sight and avoided poison ivy. He had strolled dappled paths and overgrown trails, only to find that he […]

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Chapter 27: The Place Where Spring Lives

MICA Something about red snow…  A knock on the door jolted Mica out of a dream. She knew she had been dreaming, but the instant her eyes opened, she couldn’t remember what the dream had been, just that it had left sadness over her like ash. The red and whiteness of it… the ache of […]

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Chapter 26: The Forgotten Brother

MICA Mica crossed her arms but winced. All those shots they’d given her were turning her arms black and blue. And Aaron was very late. She had been flicking her lighter on and off, but the doctor with too-short hair had given her such a withering stare, that she’d stopped. The sick smell of medicine […]

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