The Burning of Windrose City

You might think you understand fire. Maybe you’ve sat around a fireplace, watching logs burn and sputter and snap to life, or perhaps you’ve cooked out under the stars and watched embers float away into the sky. You’ve probably lit a match to lite a candle, a little flame so tender and small that you […]

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Chapter 54: Aren’t You a Little Young for Treason?

MICA Luca, Paul, whatever his name was, disappeared, leaving Mica and Ben alone in the underground bunker below the antique shop. They dropped their packs to the dirt floor and collapsed. They sat silently, resting and enjoying a moment of safety until Paul returned dressed in street clothes with boots on his feet. His glossy […]

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Chapter 53: Always There, Always Out of Sight

MICA Mica ran blindly, envisioning the magenta glowing eyes, bright like a flame, like a burning flower, of the strange creature on the Wall behind her, following her, hunting her.  But only the shrieking siren from the Wall pursued them. They fled towards the lights and the city. Mica kept pulling at Ben’s arm, willing […]

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