Chapter 67: A Song of Sorrow and Sea Billows

ANDA So many doors. So many possibilities and mysteries. But there was only one door Anda cared about. “Do you know what they’re talking about in there?” Anda asked Hannah. They sat on a wooden bench across from the conference room door where Mica, Cassandra, Ben, and several others whose names she didn’t know met […]

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The First Seer, from the Seer’s Manual, by Colonel Alayla Mason

While Juliette is considered the Mother of the Prophets, she is also the first Seer, and all Seers to this day follow in her footsteps. The facts of her life are few, but her impact has been felt for hundreds of years and will continue to be felt until the end of Nova and the […]

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Chapter 66: You Can’t Unring a Bell

MICA Mica had never felt so uncomfortable in her entire life as she did in their odd little group: herself, Anda, Cassandra, Stephen, the White Seer, and their gray-clad Guides. The sister who wasn’t her sister, the woman who had saved them both, the young man she didn’t know what to think of, the disgraced […]

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