Chapter 57: Falling Towards Something Painful and Solid and Real and Completely Unavoidable

MARA Anyone else would have heard silence. Complete and overwhelming silence. But to Mara, the silence shrieked. After they had realized that Watchers and soldiers were coming, Amelia, the Nowhere Woman, had wrapped her eyes in white, gripped the splintered wood, and pointed to the closet. “Stay in there. And don’t come out until I […]

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Chapter 56: Do You Have to Save Everyone?

MICA Some dreams leave nothing histories and memories and emotions like discarded coats and clothes smelling of forgotten people. Some leave behind nothing. Mica’s dreams recently had left nothing, not even rest. Mica awoke to Aaron gently shaking her shoulder. “What is…?” she asked groggily, wondering what time it was and how long she had […]

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Chapter 55: Prophecy, Promises, and Deals

MICA Promises didn’t mean much to Mica because people always broke them. But she’d made a promise to Hermes, and she intended to keep it. She just wondered what it would cost her. Paul led Mica back to the antique shop and opened the hatch to the hidden tomb of a room. She descended the […]

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