While Juliette is considered the Mother of the Prophets, she is also the first Seer, and all Seers to this day follow in her footsteps. The facts of her life are few, but her impact has been felt for hundreds of years and will continue to be felt until the end of Nova and the tyranny of Loraine.

Juliette worked for the scientists responsible for the Burn, the kilns, and the Transfer some three hundred years ago. As most records from that era have been destroyed, we cannot find the exact date and must rely on estimation. The history and records Loraine has rewritten are unhelpful. While the men from that lab have been erased from history, whether by accident or not, their work lives on in Loraine and her power and Juliette and her legacy, even if their names are lost in time.

Three hundred years ago, somewhere in a southern coastal city, Juliette and the scientists began their work for Loraine to create the kilns. Some hypothesize that the kilns had already been created and cite the unsolved murders of an elderly couple in a southern coastal city as proof. But this cannot be confirmed. We do not even know for sure where Juliette’s lab was, much less if it was connected to the murders. Whatever happened and whoever invented the kiln, in the end, Loraine laid claim to it and used it for her own purposes. And Juliette helped.

We don’t know if she did so willingly or under duress. While it pains many to think of her as a willing party in Loraine’s beginnings, if even for a little while, in the end, she proved herself by fighting Loraine and prophesying her end. It also speaks well of her that Loraine’s version of history does not mention her at all. Surely that must tell us something.

The story of the fire and destruction of that first lab is well known, if impossible to verify, and is the background for Juliette’s vision of the future and Loraine’s death. We do not know what caused the fire that destroyed the lab, but we know that Juliette survived, saw the future, and prophesied Loraine’s reign and death. She managed to escape Loraine, slip into obscurity, have a family, live, and die without Loraine ever finding her. Juliette passed her knowledge and gifts down through her children, our Prophets, and while that is an extremely important role, her role as the first Seer is just as important.

Whether you style her hero or villain, her life was complicated and her choices difficult. Her work gave Loraine the power she has now, but her life and prophecy give us hope for the future. We cannot pass judgment on her and her choices without fully understanding her. And, sadly, we cannot fully understand her. She has been lost in the rubble of time.

We venerate her and strive to follow in her footsteps, not just as Seer and Prophet, but as scientist, warrior, and survivor. While her place in history as Seer and Prophet is firm, her place as first a scientist and second as a survivor is also important, if not as widely celebrated. She helped to bring us the tools, the Seers, to keep our city and ourselves safe, and we must continue in her path, thankful and grateful. We must continue her work and scientific discovery to save our people and remember her sacrifice with our own.