Subject 1 is extraordinary. I never imagined such power from one of them. We’ve been experimenting now for weeks, and the raw force of her abilities astounds me. But more than that, Subject 1 has abilities we didn’t know existed: Subject 1 has healing powers.

We discovered her ability accidentally. Marta had a scrape from the accident that destroyed the lab. While she was working with Subject 1, she accidentally touched the subject’s bare hand—skin. When she did so, her scrape healed right before our eyes. It was… incredible.

Her healing/regenerative abilities explain Marta’s plants. Marta loves plants and has several on her desk. They grew too well before the accident, shockingly so. Since the arrival of Subject 1, they’ve blossomed seemingly overnight. We’ve been experimenting with the subject’s new ability, as it is remarkable, but we’re no closer to finding a cure than we were before the discovery. Our progress is minimal at best. Our orders are clear—find a cure—and we should be able to do that given Subject 1, her incredible ability, and our resources. But despite everything, we’re missing something. I want to say that I just need more time, but something isn’t adding up.

Marta has been sad recently Marta has been quiet Marta has been preoccupied lately. I don’t know why that makes me so anxious, but it does. She’s just as invested in this as I am, but somehow I feel her shifting She’s changing  Marta is growing weaker. True, our jobs are not easy. True, our work requires doing some things that others find distasteful. But that is how the work gets done. That is how we make progress, is it not? And if we don’t do it, someone else will. She knows that. So why is she so unsure?

I came into the lab this morning to find Marta talking to the subject. Talking to her! Like she does to her plants. Like Subject 1 is a real girl. Of course, the subject can’t talk back or respond, and it was preposterous to see her whispering to the subject like a sick child. She startled when I came in and looked embarrassed, but not nearly embarrassed enough.  I wonder if she wanted me to find her. She had been quiet and preoccupied for weeks. She’s even been sleeping at her own place again

I told her to prep for an experiment, but she refused. Flat out refused. I am just glad that no one was in yet to hear her. Who knows what would have happened to the both of us if one of the techs had seen her? We’d have been taken in for questioning and probably Adjustment for sure.

Marta kept saying that this was our chance—that Subject 1 was powerful enough to escape. That we should help her escape. She whispered it, but it doesn’t matter—treasonous words can’t be spoken softly enough. Someone always hears them. She must be crazy. There is no escape, not from here. But she kept on saying it. She kept saying that we didn’t have to do this anymore, that we’d been corrupted, changed. She said it all like I was blind and didn’t know what was happening—what had happened to us. Does she think she’s the only one who realizes what’s going on, what’s become of her? Of us?

I know what they’ve made me, and there is only one way out: survive.

I suppose that I should be worried someone will find this and report me. But I know that if anyone ever found my words, these words, they would exonerate me. It would show that I tried to do the right thing—to follow orders. I told Marta that we were given specific orders and that disobeying them meant Burning and death by our own work. But she wouldn’t listen. She kept trying to convince me to rescue Subject 1. If she keeps this up, someone will hear her and turn us both in, and even though I wasn’t the one talking treason, I’ll be taken in and Burned for it too, if I’m lucky.

I suppose I know what I have to do….

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