Chapter 64: When Everything and Nothing Changes

MICA Mica watched her brother fail again. He had said that he would restore Anda when they found her, but after Ben had tried to restore her memories, Anda just looked at them like they were strangers. He had failed them all again, and Mica didn’t know what to do next. Bright lights overhead flashed […]

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Subject 1: Progress

Subject 1 is extraordinary. I never imagined such power from one of them. We’ve been experimenting now for weeks, and the raw force of her abilities astounds me. But more than that, Subject 1 has abilities we didn’t know existed: Subject 1 has healing powers. We discovered her ability accidentally. Marta had a scrape from […]

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Chapter 63: Juliette

ANDA The days blurred together, gray and white and bright like rain trailing down a window, warping and distorting everything. They wouldn’t let Anda leave the medical bay. She knew she would escape eventually, but she had to bide her time and plan more carefully. Her first attempt had failed because she’d been careless, but […]

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