It happened early this morning. No one was hurt, and we learned a great deal about the subject, but it was still jarring. It happened so fast—I didn’t even realize there was potential for fire until we saw the flames. 

The casualties were… unfortunate.  And she looked at Marta. The subject looked right at Marta, I swear. That was the most disturbing part. Her eyes were so clear, even with their red and magenta glow. How could they be so clear? She was on such a high dose, but I guess it will have to be higher.

While I regret that we will be moving to another lab, I am pleased with our progress, although we will have to be more careful in the future. Subject 1 is… quite powerful. The fire destroyed much of the lab before we got it and her under control. It even destroyed the little plant Marta keeps on her desk, and I do feel bad about that. It had been growing extremely well recently. Very well. But Marta will get over it.

It really wasn’t my fault. While attempting to lower the Calm and administer the Aid to Subject 1, as we usually do, I miscalculated and something went wrong we discovered that giving Subject 1 the Aid canceled out the Calm, in effect, waking up Subject 1. She was able to use her abilities to great effect. There has been no evidence that a subject could gain control of their own abilities while under such a high dose of Calm, even with the Aid, but Subject 1 is no usual subject. We had given her enough Calm to keep her in a suggestive state, but when we introduced the Aid, she overcame the Calm with shocking terrifying unexpected force. It was incredible.

I tried to send Marta home for the rest of the day, as she seemed so shaken, but she refused to go. She got upset about Subject 1 and said we are going too far too fast. That’s ludicrous. She’s a scientist! This is our job! We are searching for a cure and for the ability to protect ourselves, doesn’t she see that? There is an empathetic and moral weakness in her that I find… difficult to understand.  Dr. Penrose has displayed a surprising lack of objectivity and has grown attached to the subject. She’s been hinting that we might be on the wrong side, that there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. But what does Marta know? She’s been working here almost as long as I have. She chose this life, and now she wants to question it? Why would she do that now? I also wonder if something about Subject 1 looking at her affected her.

Despite the setbacks, we are well on our way to finding a cure. The data we gleaned from the accident was invaluable. After analyzing it, and when we get everything set up in the new lab, we will be able to make real strides forward. I just hope that I can convince Marta.

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