It hasn’t been long at all, but Subject 1 has already yielded better results than expected. I am confident that we will be able to find a cure yet. Marta is optimistic too, but more reserved. It’s odd because she’s usually the more positive of the two of us. Her reservations are well-founded, but I am confident we can find a cure for the Eternals in time. However, I do admit that we don’t have much time at all. We have to find a cure soon, or it will be too late—for them and for us.

Subject 1’s abilities are fascinating, but triggering them was the real issue. First, we had to find a balance of medications to keep the subject calm yet in a subjective state. This proved difficult, and it shouldn’t have been. We should have been able to use the usual combination of drugs, modified to account for the subject’s recent physical trauma. But due to her injuries, and the fact that Subject 1 is so… unique we needed to keep her on a much higher dose of the Calm than usual. No thanks to the morons who brought her here! They might have killed her! Both the manner in which she was brought in and her uniqueness has made things much more complicated.

We had a few minor setbacks, but nothing we couldn’t handle. She’s a strong one, Subject 1. I think Marta admires her somehow, but that’s ridiculous. Subject 1 doesn’t deserve her admiration anymore than Mara’s plants do. But Marta does love her plants. I’ve never met someone who loved flowers quite so much Subject 1 is different, yes, stronger and more aware than the other subjects, yes, but that doesn’t mean anything. Marta says it might, but Marta’s just over-tired. We both are. It’s been a week without much sleep. I’ve slept here most nights, and Marta has too. But when something like this comes along, you don’t take lunch breaks. This is history in the making—history not just for us, but for the whole world.

After finding a balance of the right medications, we were able to stabilize the subject and get her to a semi-suggestive state. A small victory, but a victory, none the less. In this state, we began working on ways to trigger her abilities. Normally, we would have used the traditional operating procedure and the standard trigger, however, the standard trigger was not a realistic option for Subject 1. It would have defeated the purpose entirely if used long term. 

While we can use the traditional operating procedure, of course, merely operating Subject 1 as usual is not our goal. Our goal is far more important than that. Subject 1 needs to be conscious and able to access her own abilities. So the standard trigger, pain, is counterproductive. She is far too valuable to damage physically and mentally. We must find a way to make Subject 1 trigger and control her own abilities and use them deliberately. If we can do that, we can find a cure. It all hinges on that—Subject 1 accessing and controlling her own abilities willfully. To do that, we must find a unique trigger that still works with less of the Calm and won’t damage the subject. So we started at the beginning.

We attempted the standard trigger, pain, just to see what happened. And it worked well. But Subject 1 can take a lot of pain, so her trigger level was rather high. Too high. Marta says we wasted too much time experimenting with the standard trigger. She says we were cruel to the subject. That we shouldn’t have hurt her. She’s never said that before about a subject. I wonder why she said that… After a brief experiment with the standard trigger, we quickly moved on to other options. While pain is the quickest and most effective trigger for standard use, we want something that we can use long term and cause as little damage to the subject as possible. 

We tried other triggers: fear, sadness, anger. All of which activated her abilities. Of those, anger was the most reliable and quickest, but Marta thought it might be worthwhile to try other less negative triggers. I didn’t think we had time, and since we had a reliable trigger, albeit not an ideal one, we should move on to phase two. But Marta persisted. 

Good thing she did too because we learned a lot. The positive triggers were much more powerful and sustained far more controlled bursts. It was spectacular to see. Subject 1 has abilities even I didn’t anticipate. I think Marta cried, and I don’t blame her. It was astonishing. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen… However, the positive triggers took far too long to initiate and were delicate and rather finicky, whereas anger worked almost immediately.

We’ll be going with anger as the main trigger and pain as a backup for the experiments. Marta seemed concerned for the subject, but I assured her that the subject could take it. She is strong, after all. She’ll need to be for what we have planned. 

Now, off for some much-needed rest. Marta and I have been working far too long, and we can’t afford to make mistakes. There’s too much at stake now. I’ve spent my life working to find a cure for the Eternals, and I am so close. If we can find a cure, well, that might save us all.