The Seer’s Mask is an essential part of the Seer work and life. It was born out of necessity when Seers’ blinding was rejected and outlawed under the Blind Prophet. Yet the need for Seers remained. The Mask performs several vital functions and is an elegant solution to a difficult problem. The Mask removes distractions, provides focus, forces dependence, and creates holiness.

First, the Seer Mask forces the Seers to use other senses and not rely on sight. This allows the Seers to become more sensitive to presence: Watchers. As the first modern Seer, the Dark Prophet, discovered, sight can only show us so much. While the golden glow of a Watcher’s presence is proof of a Watcher having invaded a host, detecting Watchers when they are not watching a host is vital to keeping our country and our people secret and safe. Watchers are not only present when they observe through a host, and finding them before they make contact is critical.

Second, the Seer Mask removes hindrances and distractions from the Seer’s life. Without sight, the Seer is forced to focus on the most important things, presence and reality, relationships and peace, without the distractions of vanity, wealth, beauty, and overstimulation. By denying the Seers these things, we give them the greatest gift of perspective.

Thirdly, the Seer Mask necessitates that the Seers depend on others. Their Guides are the ambassadors and helpers between the Seers and the military. Guides allow the Seers to focus on their jobs and not the bureaucracy, politics, and tasks of everyday life. Without these Guides, the Seers would be forced to expend focus on the routine and mundane, the necessary tasks which distract from the significant. We are thankful to the Guides for their service and their strength.

Lastly, the Seer Mask sets our honored and valiant Seers apart. The Seers are paramount, and without a sense of respect from the people, they may become mundane and ordinary. The Seers are powerful weapons to be wielded, and they must be kept separate to maintain their power. While they have garnered a place of respect, we must use this respect to drive forward our vision, to build up the Seers, and to create new, even more powerful weapons ready to fight the Novans and free our people. Our future depends on it.