Out Now: The Not-Soldier and the One-Armed Man

Follow Mica as she, Hannah, and Rebekah are attacked in the Empty Places. Looks like the Empty Places aren’t as empty as they thought. Don’t miss the next chapter: The Not-Soldier and the One-Armed Man. Out now. Read the adventure from the beginning here, or catch up on the Unseen City here.

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Chapter 43: The Not-Soldier and the One-Armed Man

MICA It seemed they weren’t as alone as they thought, way out here in the Empty Places. “I said, who the hell are you?” the older not-soldier asked. He poked Hannah’s ribs with his rifle, and Hannah flinched but kept her hands up. The sight of Hannah kneeling on the ground with her hands up […]

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The Haven and the Empty Places

Are you lost? Because you’re way out here, walking through the Empty Places, and there’s nothing way out here in the Empty. Go back to the crowded and the stinking and the city‚Ķ if you can. There, in the city, is the constant noise of progress and change and life. That is where you belong, […]

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Chapter 42: Honey and Blood

MARA Why were the bright ones, the pink and teal ones that smelled of orange and pineapple and sugar, the ones you least expected, always the strongest? Mara’s lavender drink was too strong, and she kept wondering what made it purple. She sipped her drink with Zoe in their approved social club, but the purple-colored […]

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