As this might be the most important work I have ever done in the history of our country, I want to keep a personal record of my lab notes for posterity. This journal will be vital when I go to write my memoir. It may be that someone may want to chronicle these events, and a journal might be helpful. This could very well change the tide of the war for us, and I want to remember my work and struggle the work and struggle of those brave scientists I work with. I will admit, this was Marta’s idea, and she’s usually right about these kinds of things. We’ve worked together too long for me to question her on things like this.

Subject 1 came to us suddenly. Marta and I were asleep when the call came I was home alone, asleep, when the call came. Marta Dr. Marta Penrose, and I arrived at roughly the same time and found the Subject unresponsive. She was severely injured and in great distress. Dr. Penrose and I were appalled that they would allow such a valuable subject to be so injured. If the Subject had not been hurt quite so badly, I would have immediately gone to the highest level possible to complain. Such carelessness and brutality are unacceptable and irresponsible. However, the Subject was severely injured and required my full attention, so politics would have to wait.

But we cannot get high-quality results on a damaged subject! How could our Eternal Mother let this happen? How could she authorize such force when apprehending such an important subject?

Thankfully Marta calmed me down, she has a way of doing that, and directed my attention back to the Subject. 

Subject 1 is a young female. She had suffered severe burns on her hands and forearms, many surface lacerations and bruises, a broken left arm, a punctured lung, and shrapnel in her abdomen. She also had a bloody nose, but that was the least of our concerns. She had lost so much blood. After assessing her damage, we rushed her into surgery with Dr. Johns. Johns is an ass and not nearly as good a doctor as he should be for all his training and degrees. Johns was on call when Subject 1 arrived, so he got started fixing her up. While the Subject was in surgery, I called Dr. Heyward. He is a far better doctor than Dr. Johns Heyward has more experience than Johns, and I wanted only the best for Subject 1. The health of Our Eternals depends on it. 

It wasn’t easy getting Johns to hand over the reins to Heyward, but we managed it. We had to have Johns escorted from the lab. Johns may be a subpar doctor, but he’s no fool. He understands the implications of such a subject and wants to be involved so he could get the glory of fixing up Subject 1. But he’ll get over it, and no one will remember his name. Serves him right being a power-hungry prig. I only want to serve the Eternal Mother and find a cure for her disease.

While Heyward worked on the Subject, I worked with Marta Dr. Penrose to set up the lab. We have much work to do to understand Subject 1 and her exceptional abilities. With her help, we will find a cure yet. Subject 1 is strong and powerful. 

I’ve never seen one so powerful before. That must be how she got all those burns, but I’m really not sure. The soldiers who found her were no more than reckless muscle I tried to get a better idea of what happened out of the soldiers, but they didn’t tell me much. Just that they had found the Subject with a few others. They’d been tracking her and the others for a while, but even so, things obviously didn’t go as planned. She was too strong for them. Her arrival and condition were less than ideal, but I am confident I will be able to use her to find a cure, and this time the Eternal Mother will be thankful, thank the Eternal Mother.

Before we started on the Subject, the Eternal Mother came by. After being up for almost forty-eight hours, I was asleep in another lab I was working in another lab when She came. I’m glad I wasn’t there when the Mother came.

I would have loved to have been there to greet our Mother, and would have, but there will be other opportunities. She has been looking for one like Subject 1 for a long time, and will keep a close eye on her.

Tests start in the morning after the Subject has been stabilized. For the moment, we have Heyward keeping her unconscious and on a very high dose of Calm. Just in case. You never know with their kind.