Chapter 34: The First Day Remembering

MARA Everyone has a yesterday, but not Mara Loraine. She blinked, and she came into being, because there was nothing before that moment, that blink, that heartbeat. She wrinkled her nose in thought. A warm, tingly feeling gathered in her chest, and she rubbed her fingers over her heart. The thin bones of her rib […]

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Chapter 33: Algol is Falling. Perseus has Come. Cetus will Die.

BEN The siren filled the factory, shrill, and wailing. Then the siren stopped, leaving an echo in the sudden silence. “Shift change,” Peter said. “We got to go. Now.” But Ben’s heart still thundered. Peter helped Ben climb into the crate and closed the lid. In the darkness, his heart pounded, and his palms grew […]

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