Once upon a time, there was a soldier who served our Eternal Mother. He was a brave and good and loyal soldier, and he fought well for our Eternal Mother, Loraine. The first time he saw Loraine, he fell madly in love with her and vowed to serve her and love her forever. So he worked hard and fought well, and became a great soldier.

But war broke out, the Last Civil War, and Loraine struggled to help her people and to keep them safe. The soldier fought well and bravely. He saved Loraine from death and protected her. And she fell in love with this brave young soldier who had saved her. But sadly, she knew that they could never be together. She was immortal, bound to her people forever. This was her curse: to never live a full life or love another fully so that she might rule and keep her people safe forever.

Loraine tried to reason with this young and brave soldier. She begged him to forget her, to find a wife, have children, and to live his life fully without her. But he was too much in love and too loyal to ever love another.

Heartbroken, the soldier asked that, if they could not be together, he be allowed to stay by her side to keep her safe and never leave her. She took pity on the lovesick young man and granted his request.

The soldier stayed with her, always at her side, protecting her for years. But he grew old and weak, while she stayed young and strong. He died at her side, watching over her.

Loraine was devastated at his death. She was so heartbroken that she begged the scientist who had given her eternal life to do the same for this young man so that they would never be parted again. The scientist laughed at her and told her that he would grant her request, but it would come at another great cost—to her and the soldier.

The scientist raised the young soldier’s spirit from his body. He separated the soldier’s self from his physical form and doomed him to walk by Loraine’s side, forever unable to touch her or speak to her. The scientist said that any soldier who wished it, anyone brave enough and loyal enough and good enough, would share this honor. But Loraine’s curse was that she would never be able to see this watchful, loyal, protective army.

And so the young soldier became the first Watcher.

To this day, he Watches with his fellow soldiers, brave, loyal, and good enough to become Watchers, forever faithful to our Eternal Mother, Loraine. Their protection and watchfulness brought about the Great Peace in which we now live. Loraine accepts the Watcher’s protection and their love as she accepts her own fate: never to be with the man she loves, so that she might keep her people safe.