Once upon a time, long ago, lived a young girl named Henrietta Loraine, who loved her country more than anything. She wanted nothing more than to serve her nation and dedicate her life to her homeland. But she was poor and had little to offer. Henrietta was humble, and she was kind. She was too kind to pass by suffering and not help, for around her was great suffering—the people of that old and wicked country were sick, proud, and glutenous. They loved lies and superstitions and dark books.

So Henrietta dedicated herself to science, hoping to learn all she could so that one day she might discover medicines to ease the suffering she saw around her. She excelled in school, and soon she became a great leader. She discovered many wonderful medicines to help ease her fellow citizens’ suffering. She became the Great and Eternal Mother.

But there were some who saw our Mother’s success and envied and hated her for it. They loved deceit and ancient words and evil deeds. They used science to blind the people and lead them down dark, vain, and lustful paths. Although they called themselves, the Unseen, they hid in plain sight. But our Mother had grown into a powerful and loved leader. She fought the Unseen to protect her people from the Unseen and from themselves.

One day, the Unseen sent a Prophet. He called himself the Dark Prophet, for he lived under a mountain. He claimed to have seen the future and predicted Henrietta’s death. Many believed him. They turned away from their country and their patriotism and followed the Unseen and the Dark Prophet. He sought to take control of the country and drive it down into the darkness of ancient words and false teachings and dreams. 

But our Mother did not believe in predictions and vain mysticism. She believed in science.

Our Mother gathered her courage and took control of the failing government. She appointed Rufus, a strong and powerful general, as her second in command, and together they led a fierce army against the Unseen and the Dark Prophet. 

Together Henrietta and Rufus drove the Unseen back into the White Mountains where they cowered. They dug themselves holes and caves and graves and lived under stone and gravel, rejecting light and truth. They tried to hide from our Mother, but she and Rufus, the Prophet Killer, were diligent and strong. They destroyed the Unseen and their Dark Prophet, trembling in their caves.

While most of the people of Nova turned back to our Mother, some even today still believe that what the Prophet said would come true. They believe in myths and lies and dreams. That is why our Mother banned the people from speaking of the Unseen. Because she loves us, she roots out and destroys this monstrous lie. 

So if you ever hear someone whispering about the Unseen and the White Mountains, you must tell someone. For the Great Peace in which we live, that the innocent Henrietta herself fought for, is at stake when fools whisper together. Our Mother loves us and will reward those who help keep us safe from the Unseen and their lies.

 We are safe, we are fed, we are forever free!