Chapter 17: Waking Up to Forgotten Memories

UNKNOWN The world spun in and out of focus. In between the brilliant flashes of light and sound, darkness filled his mind. There was nothing in those dark and empty moments, absolutely nothing.  When he surfaced from the depths, everything around him was unfamiliar and chaotic. A fountain flowed red. People ran screaming. Yet he […]

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Chapter 16: The Professor with the Knife

MICA Mica was bored. The Empty Places were aptly named. She walked ahead through yet another a dry and ancient wood. Most of the trees had lost their leaves, but evergreens scented the wood like home. They had been walking for two days, and she was hungry, tired, and eager to get to the mountains. […]

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Chapter 15: Stealing from the Dead

MICA They continued west. Aaron pushed them on all day. With each aching step away from West Six, Mica felt sadness and shame peeking out from behind the trees like a mother and child with their pale white eyes, always just out of sight. Yet a tiny spark of relief flickered against all her grief.  […]

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