From, True Tales of Novan History: A History for Children

Once upon a time, long ago, before the Last Civil War, and the Great Peace, lived a great leader: the Mother. She loved her people very much and would do anything for them, even make the greatest sacrifice of all. But her people were selfish. They fought among themselves, they wasted food and crops, and they refused to listen to their Mother, who loved them so much.
Soon, the Mother could no longer rule her people well and feared they would destroy themselves like foolish, wasteful children. Distressed, the great Mother sought help from a powerful man—a scientist of great honor. But in exchange for the power to rule her people and take care of them, the Mother must give up herself completely for her people. She must be bound to them forever, never to taste death. The price was great, but the Mother agreed and sacrificed her own future and her own rest for that of her people. So the scientist gave the Mother a kiln and bound her to her people. That is why we celebrate Re-Incarnate Day and the Transfer Ceremony every year. Then the scientist created a way for the people to forget their foolishness and Burn away their spite and wasteful habits. And he gave it to the Mother.

The Mother took the Burn and gave it to her people. She cured the angry, the sad, those who wanted only war and chaos, and the wasteful. The Burned forgot their evil ways and turned back to their Mother, their Mother made Eternal now for their sake, never to rest in death.

The people should have been happy, thankful, and grateful for their gift, but many resented the Eternal Mother and her sacrifice. They resented the peace and security given to those Burned. The Eternal Mother and her Burned begged and pleaded with the wasteful ones to accept the gift of the Burn, to rejoice in the freedom and peace offered. But the foolish people would not relent.

So a great war, the War of Self, was fought. After many days of bloodshed, the Eternal Mother watched as her people destroyed themselves through war. Half of her beautiful country was wiped out by bombs and waste and fighting. She would have stopped them if she could have, but they were foolish and stubborn. To preserve her people and save her remaining and innocent children, she raised her army and fought the wasteful and selfish and ended the War of Self.

She wept for her children and mourned for them.

While the Burn offers peace and freedom to serve the Eternal Mother, some foolish people still question that gift even today. That is why the Eternal Mother is forced to send the Burned away from their friends and families where they can live in true peace and happiness. They are free from distractions, and their forgotten, wasteful, and selfish past is Burned away so that they may serve their great Eternal Mother.

We are safe, we are fed, we are forever free!