Chapter 8: The One in Which Cassandra Milks a Cow

BEN Ben swallowed, and shifted his eyes away from Cassandra’s glowing face on the display and the astronomical sum of money offered for her capture, hoping to appear uninterested, and looked to Peter. His expression was calm and serene, but his skin had gone pale. Ben tried to grab him as he turned around and […]

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Chapter 7: Re-Incarnate Day, the Kiln, and the Hand

Ben They walked to the village in silence, staring into the sunset. Mica held last year’s photos of Loraine and Rufus gently, so as not to crease them, while Anda braided Mica’s hair as they walked and tied it with a ribbon. Peter walked a little ahead of them. He didn’t normally do that. He […]

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The Burned and the Eternal, a true fairy tale

From, True Tales of Novan History: A History for Children Once upon a time, long ago, before the Last Civil War, and the Great Peace, lived a great leader: the Mother. She loved her people very much and would do anything for them, even make the greatest sacrifice of all. But her people were selfish. […]

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Chapter 6: The Meaning of Hammer and Nails

BEN Ben awoke later than usual the next morning. The sun was already up, so it was late for Ben. A headache and a fog hung over his body. Although he wanted to sleep longer, curiosity about their stranger gnawed at his stomach, or maybe he was hungry. The remnants of breakfast had been left […]

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Chapter 5: Plans in the Dark

BEN Last time we saw BEN… (click for recap) Ben has been attempting to keep himself and his sisters out of trouble and failing. When Peter invites Cassandra, the woman who broke into their home and held them hostage, to stay for a few days, Ben decides it’s safest to let their mysterious stranger stay. […]

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